Tim Grant  ​​
Pathways to Success 

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation….your calling is that of being a ‘public speaker’….Your passion for the topic was contagious!"  

Our personal happiness drives our success in business, family life, community life and love life.

Tim shows you how to take happiness to a new level in your personal and business life with his "Happily Successful Personally & Professionally presentation.  His passion comes from his personal life story.  Let him lead you to new insights on living a happier more productive life.
"People are about as happy as
 they make up their minds to be"
                                                                                      Abe Lincoln

"People are about as happy
as they know how to be"
Tim Grant

" It's hard to take on one of the most famous quotes of one of the most beloved Presidents of the United States.  But if old Abe knew then whatwe know now about happiness, I think he would agree with me"
Tim Grant               

"Many of our members have indicated that you were the best content speaker we’ve had in a long time and are interested in having you come to speak to their companies and other organizations. Your happiness topic and GRACE acronym are incredibly inspirational.............I would highly recommend you as a speaker any organization looking for a positive motivational speaker!"
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