Tim's Interest in Happiness, and Success

My speaking,…… no preaching about how much and well what I have learned about happiness has changed my life and is truly cause to shout from the mountain tops.  These lessons have improved both my personal and professional life.  They are foundational.  The best person to ask about my change is my bride.  Now Happily Successful  both personally and professionally, life is great. 

My goal is to share what I have learned and turn PhD research into everyday usable principles to improve the personal and business lives of those to whom I have the honor of speaking.

We are born hard wired to seek happiness.  From there, our parents teach us about happiness and how to be successful, They provide for us, as my bride calls it, “a safe place to land”.  Parents nurture and provide a sense of wellbeing.  Sadly however, life doesn't always follow this plan.

I grew up in a home lead by an angry active alcoholic step-father.  Instead of learning about happiness and success we learned how to duck headshots and walk on eggshells.  I called it "eggshellitis".   Success was learning how to survive.  Thankfully, there were those doing research to learn and teach people like me how to be Happily Successful.  Lessons I learned as an adult.

Being the oldest of six children, I took the majority of my step-father's anger.   Today, if I discussed my childhood home life with a therapist, I would be diagnosed as having a low to moderate level case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  So learning how to live Happily Successful  was a matter of survival.

 In my thirties, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapy.  I enjoyed some relief, but still saw eggshells in my work life, in my relationships, in my spirituality, and even in my dreams.  Eggshellitis kept me from acheiving the happiness and success of which my heart yearned.  Addintionally, I had a tremendous amount of anger for my step father, even after he had acheived sobriety.

 By God’s grace I found the work of Dr. Edward Diener PhD, Dr. Martin Seligman, PhD, and Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky PhD, and a handful of others who, in my opinion along with Dr. Ebin  Alexander, have gained great insights into the what and how of greater happiness and success.  The research and work they have done provided me with the understanding and framework to crush my eggshellitis. One clear lesson of my studies is that we all can and should benefit from this paradigm shifting new discipline of positive psychology.

Today, I bring the lessons of Successful Happiness  ​to those desiring to improve and increase their enjoyment of life.  Hopefully, I can bring those lessons to you!


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