Tim's "Happily Suuccessful  Persoanlly and Professionally” presentation provides the audience with a concise foundational learning curve to greater personal happiness, motivates them with the significant benefits of living happier and teaches them the five key action steps to build a happier life.  “A happier life is a successful life”. Tim draws from the leaders in positive psychology and turns PhD. research into you and me understanding.

Participants will leave knowing how to experience

  • More joy
  • Building stronger relationships
  • More satisfaction from their work
  • Being more open to receiving happiness and success
  • Greater resilience

Happily Successful Emplyees

Employee happiness and organizational culture is much like conjoined twins sharing essential organs.  An organization’s culture is the foundation upon which all other functions rely for support.  How well that culture supports employee happiness is a critical success factor.  Tim takes proven personal happiness “habits” and applies them to the organization’s cultural foundation to improve overall performance.

Employees and leaders will experience

  • More gratefulness amongst employees
  • Greater commitment from employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater resilience in the face of challenge
  • Better casual, business, & close relationships
  • Greater joy in their work.

Tim’s story demonstrates how the study of happiness and wellbeing  changes lives and today he brings those lessons to you.

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